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Opinion on Resetting 6th string Pin
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Author:  murihikukid [ Tue May 04, 2010 10:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Opinion on Resetting 6th string Pin

Hi...I would be extremely grateful for an opinion on resetting the 6th string pin on a Taylor 815C Wide Neck ... Originally I made and replaced the bridge due to this guitar.. although being purchased new by its original owner as a wide neck was unaware that Taylor had a double edged sword IE it kept the pin placement as normal unless one paid another $150 ???...Anyway I bought the guitar on a fleeting visit to LA and it was not til I got back home that I found all this out and realised I had a problem ...So after Taylor sent me a blank bridge I did all the accepted procedure ..doweled the soundboard..carefully made a bridge with new pinholes,glued it on and the guitar has been just magical ever since but I know now with its wide neck and "my hands" the 6th string is just not right to enable my thumb to grab it as I want to...

So it seems to me that I could drill the 6th string pin hole and plug it with an ebony dowel and then redo a new pin hole so that the 6th string traveled evenly up the fingerboard close to the fingerboard edge.... I know this will naturally increase the space between the 6th and 5th strings but I do not think it will be a problem playing wise...
I would be grateful knowing if I could end up with a problem doing this and whether there is an alternative ...Thanks MK

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