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The good news --- and the good news
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Author:  kencierp [ Wed May 03, 2017 11:20 am ]
Post subject:  The good news --- and the good news

The good news for me is that I'll be able to fulfill my long range plan and go into retirement at age 72 which will occur this year. Interestingly this will free up my time to pursue my hobbies model airplanes and "Luthiery" I have countless projects waiting to be completed and others still in my head.

The good news for others is that "Kenneth Michael Guitars" is up for sale -- for those wanting to live the "Luthiers Dream" purchase of this business will provide a fast track to that end. As you all know KMG is a long standing established brand known around the world for their high quality reasonably priced products. We currently run the operation at about 25% capacity and in fact I personally only work about 20 hours a week. As one might expect the earning potential for a buyer or buyers is limitless while at the same time the nature of the operation leaves time (CNC machnies are doing most of the work) for those wanting to build and sell there own creations.

It is not my intention to take and respond to questions or inquiries here on the forum so please don't ask - below is the link to our BizBuySell ad where a formal request for information can be made, viewing the ad is the first step. You can also send a request direct to our management team leader but again do so only after reviewing the listing since it will answer many of your questions. ... NRJTNkJTNk

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